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    1. Low Voltage BuswayIt is suitable for the supply and distribution of 3P3W, 3P4W, 3P5W with a rated current from 250A to 4000A (for aluminum conductors) and 250A to 6300A (for copper conductors). The rated operation voltage for the busducts is 690V(with a rated insulation voltage up to 1000V) and an IP degree up to IP66 and frequency of 50-60Hz.
    1. Medium Voltage BuswayThe cast resin contains non-organic volcanic rock which adds to the insulating effects of the busway when sealing the copper or aluminum conductors. The material offers excellent fire resistance and mechanical strength as well with an expected working lifetime of as high as 60 years.
    1. Low Voltage SwitchgearThe switchgears are designed for AC 50/60Hz systems with rated operation voltage of 690V and below. You will find these installed in power supply and distribution systems, power generation units, power converters and other electrical equipment.
    1. Medium Voltage SwitchgearThe Wetown indoor exchange metal switchgear is a metal clad withdrawable switch cabinet that is designed for three-phase AC 50/60Hz, 40.5kV single bus and subsection power system installations. The units are intended for receiving and distributing electric energy while controlling, protecting and monitoring the status of the circuit.
    1. Distribution BoxThe XTM distribution box is a welded steel box that is designed to house power distribution components safely and securely. The walls of the box are insulated to protect the internal components from overeating.
    1. Cable channels are pre-buried conduits that are made from hot-rolled carbon steel that is high strength and can be embedded in concrete before construction is completed. The head of the T-bolt is fixed in a C-shaped channel and the components are installed by T-bolts. We offer complete installation solutions.
    1. Aluminum BarWetown produces only high purity aluminum bars that reach 99/97% purity. These rods go through several advanced processes to ensure that they are of the highest quality for conduction processes
    1. Copper BarWetown copper bars are made up of 99.9935% high purity electrolytic copper that has undergone an advanced extrusion process to maximize its conductivity. These busbars meet or exceed all Chinese national standards for conductor products.
    1. WETOWN new material tin plated copper strip is widely applied to components of photovoltaic fields and has passed TUV, VDE, SGS testing certification and meets the EU instruction standard. The tin plated copper strip is mainly used in the photovoltaic enterprises in the world and has gained high popularity in the fields.